Crypto exchange tokens comparison

Last update 21.04.2019
Coin name Discount Token burn Other functions Report vol. Adjust vol. ↓ Real vol. Token vol. Market cap Circulate % Total cap ROI
Binance Coin
25-80% 20% of profits Blockchain gas, launchpad 988.83m 988.83m 100% 230.2m 2 805.5m 82.94% 3 382.7m x120.2
There is no image provided
50% Listing voting 966.43m 966.43m 100% 69.1m 684.6m 42% 1 630.0m
Huobi Token
Up to 50% 20% of profits Airdrops, listing voting 700.92m 700.92m 100% 79.1m 884.4m 51.38% 1 721.3m x2.295
Bibox Token
Up to 70% Yes Dividends 665.24m 665.24m 100% 2.9m 16.2m 41.11% 39.5m x0.891
LA pairs 442.07m 442.07m 100% 0.7m 21.0m 86.15% 24.4m x0.145
There is no image provided
Gate token
Launchpad 104.58m 104.58m 100% 91.0m 190.0m 20% 950.0m x1.9
BitMax Token
No No Dividends, mining, launchpad 4.45b 101.96m 2.29% 5.8m 36.7m 5.61% 653.5m x3.591
ABCC Token
Dividends, airdrops, listing voting 61.78m 61.78m 100% 5.8m 71.91% 8.1m
Up to 30% Yes Dividends, launchpad 21.29m 21.29m 100% 3.2m 92.9m 49.38% 188.2m x4.409
Yes Airdrops 126.38m 12.37m 9.79% 0.2m 23.2m 35% 66.3m x0.276
There is no image provided
Aurora DAO
Yes Dividends 1.83m 1.83m 100% 6.4m 19.39% 33.2m
50% Yes 153,162 153,162 100% 0.0m 1.1m 52.27% 2.1m x0.134
1.51m 0.0m 0.3m 41.1% 0.8m x0.0155
FCoin Token
Mining 2.24b 55.1m 25.87% 213.1m
Dividends 2.9m 30.1m 50% 60.3m x1.206
There is no image provided
Yes No Direct payments 613.08m 1.0m 258.4m 20% 1 292.0m x1.958
Bgogo Token
Yes Mining, supernodes 587.84m 2.1m 17.42% 12.2m x0.393

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